We convey your brand messaging through words which matter, be it short for blogs ( approx. 800 words ), long form articles ( approx. 1200 words ) or press release cover stories ( approx. 500 to 600 words ). Our written content helps you build your voice, to drive awareness, education and engagement from both our audience and yours, and the world at large. Building brand recall that stays top of mind takes decades of niche expertise. We help your messaging from moments in time to long term recall, to move beyond forgotten bullet points to long term conversions. We influence your reader’s psyche. We connect you to the people you want to reach – exactly the way you want to reach them, and our track record speaks for itself. Our content converts at scale.

BLOGS: Our blogs produce brand recall, community building audience nurturing, and lead generation. Our clients are organisations which stopped treating blogs like a tick-in-the-box marketing add-on. They have worked with us for many years to leverage our authoritative blogs as a lead generation machine with our exclusive content. Say goodbye to keyword-stuffed, AI-written junk. Our team of thought leaders, journalists and editorial staff Develop a clear, identifiably original voice to build niche domain authority. We make the audience come back for more, we improve click through rates (CTRs) with viral topics. We deliver true value to guide prospects into the sales funnel, ensuring your brand and messaging remain top-of-mind for engaged audiences with on-demand fresh content. Our blogs deliver maximum relevance and create very real. impact.

ARTICLES: Articles we produce are evergreen, deliver very real return on investment in the form of awareness, consumer education, brand Authority, deep analysis, and high engagement. Our team of thought leaders, journalists and editorial staff Develop a clear, identifiably original voice to build high-level, strategic thought pieces delivering analytical industry insights. We help position you as the leading authority in your domain. We demonstrate world-class expertise for highly technical, discerning audiences. Leverage our cache of extraordinary levels of storied industry expertise & research to build evergreen content few other agencies can deliver.

PRESS RELEASE COVER STORIES: Our cover stories built on your press releases, deliver immediate return on investment, for news events, product releases, events, mergers & acquisitions, and general announcements. We create awareness, education, and engagement, with high-energy PR cover stories that make people sit up and take notice. Stop chasing reporters. Reach our high-impact engaged audience with un-ignorable expert commentary and insights. We can also help you ensure pick-ups by high-quality media outlets with scroll-stopping PR stories for maximum coverage. We publish via our media site content platform elnion.com which offers you the best bet to stand out in a sea of PR. Make use of our guided commentary feature and engaged audience to help your PR get the traction it needs.

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